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“WaoScor” is the App and Formula for calculating Wao! Scores. A winner is determined by the percentage sum of points scored all over the pitch; Kingdom 30%Workout 30%, Goal Setting 30% and Judges 10%. The Team that gets closest to 100% wins.

Upon database analysis; Kingdom, Workout, Goal Setting and also Foul and Cards in a game, the App can predict the Judges Score and its accuracy is between 80-100%. Proverb: You never win Wao! with average!


Scoring: Technology assists in scoring. It expresses physical activities such as bouncing in opponent's Kingdom and accruing time in your Workout in automated points.

Digital Narration: Example, playing Wao! to tell a jungle story, Players are given wildlife Characters. It creates relevant virtual content to make a thrilling “theme sport”

Replays: Replay will now be possible on the field of play by virtue of our digitised pitch. Adverts; ads can be shown on the same pitch whilst all eyeballs are focused watching the game.

Balls: Wao! Balls have inbuilt sensors to light up, echo whistle, vibrate and produce images.

Categories *Wearable technology to collect players' data.
*Digital technology to support scoring and Techthrills.
*Apps such as WaoScor for calculating score.
*Social media and websites to communicate

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