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WAO! is a multiple scoring sport. The framework of Wao! is to score points all over the WaoSphere.

KINGDOM (30%) You gain points by simply invading and bouncing the ball in the opponent's Kingdom. At least a foot must completely be in the Kingdom to be valid. Bounces count per second intervals. A Bounce count 1 point. Count twofold (each separately) when bouncing the 2 balls in 1 Kingdom.

WORKOUT (30%) You gain points in your Workout area by exhibiting series of skills during ball possession. Points are counted in Seconds timing. At least a foot must completely be in the Workout before it is valid. . Time twofold (each ball separately) when the 2 balls are in one Workout.

GOALPOSTS (30%) 2 goalposts are located on hand sides of Players with a total of 4 OvalCrowns to score through. 2 OvalCrowns extends into each Home apart to protect. The other 2 are in the opponent's Home to score. Each OvalCrown has a Concave-roof to guide scoring. A goal is 1 point, except it is scored via Sacrifice or Goal-Setting then it merits their rewards.

HI COURT/ JUDGES (10%) A Player enters Hi-Court with ball possession to appeal to Judges and audience his prowess. When a ball enters the Hi-Court, Hi-Court Judges assume officiating instead of Field-Referees. Judges also award points to humane demonstrations and spectacular skills by Player all over the Waosphere.

DOMINION Sphere of influence! A team's main home expected to exercise self-governing, rule and control. It makes a statement that your Team is weak if your opponent takes over your Dominion.

SACRIFICE In Wao! Games, sacrifice means suspending a teammate in the Sacrifice area to score through the Goalpost for the “sacrificial reward”. The first Sacrifice score 3 points. If a second ball is scored by the suspended Player within 7 secs it fetches 33 points. A “sacrificed” ball does not become dead ball but becomes available for anyone’s possession and same ball can make the 33.

GOAL SETTING If you score Goalposts from the opponent's Goal Setting area, one point is deducted from the Loser and added to the Scorer. Making a technical 2 points.

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