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Wao! started in Ghana and is reaching out to the whole World! We train schools, communities and interested persons to adopt the game and play.

Now, we want to remove ambiguity in scoring by creating a smart pitch that will be able to assist in scoring and also produce digital narrations. We need full complements in the form of regalia; smart balls, Jerseys, shoes, glove, etc. We invite technological partners to design a technology for the game. We invite entrepreneurs to invest in our sport business. We invite schools, companies and all and sundry to partner with us to create one platform for worldwide development.


“WORLD” is not just our cherished first name, it's our responsibility to learn and adopt best practices in various sports worldwide in the areas of security, safety, technology, branding, infrastructures, media, talents development, resources management, sport business, etc. More importantly, to unearth our differentiations from all existing sports in order to bring to surface an all new world-class sport we are.

Sport is part of our nature as human. We all like one sport or the other. The fact that we cheer it or play it means it is in us. Sport is already central to our daily life and has become the glue that keeps communities together. It is a persuasive tool in promoting shared interests alongside fostering a keen sense of civic pride. We have invented Wao! in Ghana and we want everyone to feel that is for them. After playing as hobby for four years, we have clearly defined enormous benefits and opportunities in the areas of; health / physical wellbeing, mental wellbeing, individual development, social / community development and economic development. We believe Wao! will soon get the rest of the world's attraction and participation.

We are driven by our vision: to champion world oneness, pleasurably share knowledge and bring development through Wao! We will achieve this through organizing world-class entertainment and education that will empower Wao! lovers to use our success in the sport as a nucleus for success in other areas of life beyond the sport. For some people the best thing about this sport participation is the thrill of competition, and that is absolutely to be encouraged to feel that the sport is for them too. And by giving everyone the chance to participate, we can create a healthier, happier and richer world.

Our flexible option to play on either manual or digitized WaoSphere is a sure way to say our sport remains fit for a changing world. This provides different opportunities to engage Wao! as a sport.

Additional activities like Techthrills and storytelling will imbue games with more entertainment when the sport fully develops its digital equipment and infrastructures. This will make it a vital part of the sport tourism and create direct link to employment and economic development.

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