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Wao! is a two-ball hand-controlled contact sport played on a spherical pitch (called WaoSphere).

Welcome to the new era of digitised sports where technology meets skills, Wao! Wao! is the acronym for “World As One”. We are creating “theme sport” by bringing sports and technology together to experience all components of our world and tell our daily life stories on one platform.

Vision: To champion world oneness, pleasurably share knowledge and bring development through Wao!

Mission:Through World-class edutainment we empower Wao! lovers to use our success in Wao! as a nucleus for success in other areas of life beyond sports.

WAO! Concept: Wao! hovers on a special concept of storytelling with impeccable use of technology and actual man power skills display. The physical activities are expressed through digital narrations.

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