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There are similarities in contact sports, but the objects are different. Just as Basketball and Netball are similar but with different objects of the games, so is Wao! We are a ball sport like football, Volleyball etc. Hand control like handball, Basketball etc. Contact and Team sport as they are.

However, our differentiations from all existing sports include the following;

1. The object of Wao! is to score points all over the WaoSphere.
2. Our scoring and winning is in percentage.
3. Wao! plays with a maximum of 2 balls concurrently, and a maximum of 2 field Referees.
4. Wao! runs storytelling commentary; every bounce …every action tells something and our commentary gives narration of what is happening on the WaoSphere.
5. Wao! is played on a spherical digitised pitch called WaoSphere.
6. Players are identified by Characters instead of numbers in most sports.
7. Wao! “Theme Sport” hovers on the special concept of storytelling with impeccable use of technology and actual man power skills display. The physical activities are expressed through technological virtual reality narrations.

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