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Winning convincingly as a Team effort, each Player performs specific roles and responsibilities. Players are not limited to their core roles though, they play complementarily and interconnected to each other.

King and Protaque –Main defense
Antaque and Warrior –Main offense
Worker –Theatrical performer
Servitor –Support system
Sacrificer –Chief executor

KING –The sovereignty and power vested in the King and the Kingdom precinct being score zone makes it seek out brave Players to reign in the throne room. The King protects the Kingdom and deals with any external invasions. Great Kings dare to conquer new territories by venturing into rival's Kingdom to lord over them.

PROTAQUE – (coined from protagonist) Player is the main character of team. Main responsibility is to facilitate how his team dominates their Dominion area by; ensuring rivals do not take ball possession there, support the KING in defense of opponents invading the Kingdom and to create opportunities for the WORKER to win time-points in Workout area.

ANTAQUE – (coined from antagonist) Player is active lead in creating obstacles for opposing Protaque. Antaque plays a clearly defined inward and outward goal of direct villain towards the rival Protaque and also lead multi-dimentional opposition to every desire of rival team. Antaque often strategizes and moves with Player Warrior. Intelligent Antaque is able to influence and put His spirit into Warriors to be like Him. Antaque starting position is Hi Court left.

WARRIOR –“it is the war we fight that has been fashioned with rules as sport” –the Warrior's approach to game. Warrior brings war tactics, strategy, arts and offensive approach to play. Warrior attacks for ball like a lioness redeeming its stolen child from plunderers. Warrior is the counter terrorism unit of his team. His main role is to combat war attacks of the opposing team and also march his operations. A little militant acts may be permissible when two Warriors competes for ball. He starts from Goal-Setting right.

SACRIFICER - A great Wao! story is puntuated with Sacrifices. Sacrificer sparkles a game with "extreme sports" flavor. Though any Player can offer Sacrifice, player Sacrificer is field to commit to it. Stunt as it can be, it remains an interesting part of Wao! and it rewards greatly when it is well done. Sacrifice area is the center formed by interception of both-halves. Both teams Sacrificers start/position here.

Servitor - it is ascribed to him as the greatest Player on the pitch. When working heartedly, Servitor's role is "Servant to all Teammates". Servitors are trained to be the fastest thinkers and smartest multitasker in the world. A Servitor thinks about all 6-teammates plus 2-balls per second and at the same time fully aware of himself at any point in time. As the support system, the Servitor studies a game throughout playing time and offers support to teammate who needs most to create dynamic output.

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