Let's play WAO!

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The object of the game is to score a higher percentage sum of the Kingdom, Workout, Goalpost and Judges than the opposing Team. We live on a spherical planet filled with continents; exactly as the WaoSphere, but this time the whole world-as-one! Wao! Is hand-controlled, team contact sport, played on a spherical digitised pitch called “WaoSphere”

Every part of WaoSphere is playable by all, any Player can score points anywhere with any ball. Handle and control ball by bouncing, dribbling, giving passes, displaying skills or movement in any direction. Blocking is part of defense and to “kiss-a-crown” can be likened to dunk! A game starts with a maximum of 2 balls of different colours.

Each team starts with 1 ball playing offence and defence at the same time. Upon start tipoff, each Team makes a long throw from Kingdom to Hi-Court, and then play on! Teams do not own a ball. Each Team is expected to score points with the ball at hand and at the same time compete for the possession of the opponent's ball to score points with it.

If 1 Player possesses the 2 balls, control balls in alternating bounce. A Team is made up of 7 Players plus 5 subs; thus 14 Players at each time on the WaoSphere. There is a maximum of 2-field Referees, each officiates interactions around the ball he wears its color. A panel of 6 Judges sit behind Hi-court areas in st nd threesome apart to rule Hi-Court cases. A game is played in 4 quarters; 1 17 min. 2 rd th 17 min. 3 13 min, and 4 13 min. for total time of 60 minutes, or play extra time if need be to break a tie.

Let's play WAO!

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